We just added cows to the farm and since Hallstrom Home is an extension of our family. Should I bring the cows to the store? People now put diapers on animals so they can be indoors. Place hand over mouth. Ok now lets go over our why and cost to having cows back on the farm as well as some exterior farm photos. To follow everyday on the far. We are on Instagram stories Hallstrom Home

The Cost of Organic Beef

Lets get down to the brass tax. We raise cows in the spring to fall months for the beef. We don’t have a barn to house and feed them over winter. My understanding is the barn that was with the farmhouse was located just down the hill and on the other side of the main road. It burnt down at some point. Weird how our little shop/garage burnt down too.

Ok back at it, so we purchase the calves to fatten up by fall. They aren’t real small like you would think. We Only have enough property for two cows. This prevents the grass from getting overrun. By the time we butcher the cows, the cost per pound is $5.50 and for organic beef, I think its a great price.

Life On The Farm

Everyday photos with the kids, grandkids and the animals. We sold the big custom house on the hill for the farmhouse. It’s small but the lifestyle is easy. The outdoors and indoors become one in the summertime. Since we share a lot of great recipes on the blog, I will give you a few of our favorites. We use apples off our trees to make our Apple crumble Recipe These Metal chairs have lasted for years. I am sure you would be happy with something like them off amazon

The Farmhouse Back Patio

We ended up replacing the wood back deck with concrete so it’s easy to clean. Stamped concrete was considered but I wanted a more authentic farmhouse look. Let me give you our favorite minestrone soup recipe with ground beef. Easy family meal or for a crowd. Oh and here is a link to our canopy

Willow and Daisy on The Farm

Many of you know that Daisy comes to the store with me but Willow is still young and quite honestly is a crotch sniffer. Like many poodles they aren’t trying to be inappropriate. Just a lover of people. She is in training so when I do bring Willow to the store, I chain her up so she’s not wondering the store like Daisy does. I try to post my store days with Daisy on Instagram stories because we don’t go in Daily. It’s more like two days a week.

Meet Cat on the farm

He acts more like a dog than a Cat. The trio make the farm a fun place to be and now they will hang out a bit with the cows on the farm.

The Day The cows arrived on the farm

Our grand girls peering at the cows arriving on the farm. The weather has been rainy so the window will do for now.

The farmhouse before and after Cows on the farm

A fall view of the house. We can stand on the front porch and view the cows which is very relaxing

Seedless grapes grow off the front porch. It’s really fun in the fall. We make grape juice most years. Using the land as a food source is very rewarding and part of how both Vic and I grew up as kids. We now pass these teachings to our children. Cows on the farm and Country Living is really important to us.

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