Wool Pom Pom Tutorial for Crafts

Don’t you guys just love pom poms?! I sure do!! They are so simple to make, and great to add onto anything. I created a Wool Pom Pom Tutorial for Crafts. There are so many thing you can do with pom poms, so come check out the inspiration below.

white couch with 5 chunky knit pillows and gray cushion foot rest. with gold and white dough bowl filled with wood bead garland and candle

Wool Pom Pom Tutorial for Crafts

For my pom poms I used a nice thick wool yarn. There are a couple different ways to make pom poms, but since my yarn is thick I went with a different option. To begin you will start by holding the end of the yarn down with your thumb on the palm of your hand. Then you start wrapping the yarn around your fingers about 20 times.

white wood beads strand with metal heart
Wool Pom Pom Tutorial for Crafts chunky knit pillow cream and brown with light brown tassels and white pom poms on corners

Once you have wrapped it about 20 times, you will remove it from your hand. You then cut another fairly long piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the wrapped ball you made. Give it a good nice tie.

fur white pillow laid flat with black and white pillow with pom poms on edge laid on top
DIY Pom Pom Tutorial

Take some scissors and cut through the loops on both sides of the pom pom. You’ll want to give your pom pom a trim, unless you like your strands to be different lengths.

white couch with 7 pillows on it and 2 farmhouse pillows on the ground and then one in a basket next to the couch

Why I use wool yarn is because you can really make your pom poms fluffy. Sometimes I will leave them in the strands they are in. Other times I like to fluff my pom pom. I just start pulling apart each strand till I get a nice, big, fluffy pom pom.

cream knit pillow cases with white pom poms on the corners
How to Make a Pom Pom

I am so happy to announce that I now am selling these pillows in my shop here. They are so great for adding a chic farmhouse touch to your home!

white and black chunky wool knit pillow with white tassels on corner leaning against white linen pillow

Below I will include affiliate links to help you create this fun diy. I will also give you some more pom pom inspiration below.

blue yarn wrapped around a fork and lady tying it

If you are using thinner yarn this is also a great way to make a pom pom.

little brown haired girl with glasses and chunky yellow scarf with black pom pom on each end

Um see what I mean, pom poms can be used for anything. This is too cute!! What a perfect touch to a lovely scarf.

red white and pink pom pom garland draped over silver chalkboard

Pom Pom garlands are so cute, I think I could have them all over my house! Speaking of garlands, I have a wood bead garland tutorial here.

white and pink and yellow pom pom rug with baby legs on it

I think it’s time for me to create a pom pom rug!

The perfect pom pom wall hanging! For another wall hanging idea, check out my banner diy here. Guys I am telling you, you can make any of these and I would love to see how they turn out! So be sure to let me know!!

Wool Pom Pom Tutorial for Crafts

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  2. Thanks for the tutorials! I made a spring pillow from a placemat and pom poms to attach to the corners!

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