Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea

Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea
Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea

Hey I just wanted to share with you our first free farmhouse printable. I wanted to make something beautiful, that could work in any space. With so many options for printables, I created this Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea.

gray and gold frame with flower farmhouse printable with dough bowl filled with pink flowers and metal crown

I painted this gray and gold mirror to offset some of the gray in the printable. This is the newest look in my shop here. What I love about having the clamp, is I can change out the image any time I’d like.  During different seasons, you can switch the printable or even change it to a special picture.

white wood boards

We began by making this white wood as our back board to the frame. Cutting it to size, it fit great!

Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea

white wood board with yellow measuring tape and silver clamp

I then measure the middle of the board. You gotta do some math here! I know something else you all would enjoy. I have a post that includes a free printable that a friend made, you will love them!

white wood baord with pink flower printable and electric drill laying down

Now I drill in the clamp that will hang my printables! Wa La now you can hang your printable. But I like to do a bit more with it and put it in my picture frame.

white wood board leaning with pink flower printable and white corbel nest to it with pink roses

This is one of my favorite quotes. Having it around my house keeps me motivated to strive towards this quote. Come take a look at my Insta for some more inspiring feed.

white wood with gray and gold frame framing wood. White corbel and the side of leaning frame

I love having this in my home because I can add any picture I would like! Oh you see that corbel there? My 13 year old daughter made that!! It is sold in my shop here or if you’re the crafty type its in the blog here. It really adds a shabby chic farmhouse look to my home.

Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea gray and gold frame with white wood inside and pink flower printable. dough bowl infront filled with pink roses and metal crown

Here is the printable below!! Tell me how you like it and I’d love to see it in your home!

Always be humble and kind printable-hallstromhome

Framed Farmhouse Wall Printable Idea
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    1. Rhonda, I just love this idea! I think these beautiful messages give us lifts when we need them so I too am so happy to have them in my home! Thank you for being such an inspiration and sharing your great DIY,s! Have a blessed day????Lynn

  1. I absolutely love this printable and the clamp idea is great! I will be printing this out and using it in my home! Thanks Rhonda! ????????

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