kitchen with 2 openshelves filled with bowlscups and plates

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving

Are you thinking to install open shelving in your kitchen? Do you worry about how you’re going to stay organized? Maybe you already installed them but feel like a mess! I’m the hot mess type, meaning I’m not all about looks. I like to be practical too, because we have seven kids and I gave up trying to be Mrs. Perfect. Here are my tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving.

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How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving with cups plates bowls

So the first thing I’d recommend is to declutter. Yep that means all those cute knick knacks and gifts that you’ve been hanging onto, but don’t care for should go bye bye! Now if you have a piece you love, use them with your everyday pieces. For me it was important to have the everyday dinnerware easy for the little ones to reach. Take a look at how I organized our newly remodeled kitchen.

kitchen cabinets with uppers open shelving with plates and bowls

We also use a lot of bowls, so you can see I have a couple collections. I do want to pickup more dessert plates from World Market, but right now I’m still crazy busy with wedding plans. You can find the corbels in our shop here. All the heavy pieces for entertaining go on the top shelf. These are things that I will pull down when needed and yet I think I may have extras I don’t need. I should put them in the lower cupboards for later but… things are kinda full.

How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving with cups plates bowls

I still have some items below that I don’t need but want to give a bit more time to see if I may use them. I’ve thrown too many things away too quickly and then want them later. One trick is to put into storage in the garage but I fear I’ll clutter that area and will never get used. So be careful with that idea! Donating is really the best way to go and actually with our son getting married, I’m pretty sure I’ll give his wife some of my pretty bowls.

kitchen with 2 openshelves filled with bowlscups and plates

One question I often get is how my dishes don’t get dusty and actually they do but I rinse before using. One gal said she couldn’t be bothered but I’m like really? It’s not that hard to rinse a dish just to have open shelving.

kitchen cabinets with uppers open shelving with plates and bowls
How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving

It’s so much brighter in the kitchen now and for the PNW well I’ll take all the brightness I can! Now you can see when we first put up shelves and shiplap here. I also have a page to shop my personal kitchen items.

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13 responses to “How to Organize Your Kitchen for Open Shelving”

  1. Love your shelves.😍I’ve had Open shelving for the last year and I don’t regret it for a second. It has become my statement piece for my kitchen and yesterday it brightens it up. I have things we use everyday on the bottom two shelves and things not used as much above. Easy to just rinse the rarely used things before using. The other stuff doesn’t have time to get dusty.😉

    1. Yes they are so handy! Sadly we remodeled and took them out but I would definitely get them again.

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  3. Beautiful shelves… and corbels! 😉 I have open shelving in my little home, and I LOVE it! I just take the dish that is under the top dish, until I need the last one… then that gets rinsed! 😉

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  5. I love your open shelves! Great tips Rhonda!

    1. Thank you Ashley! I love them

  6. Rose Newman Avatar
    Rose Newman

    Fun!! Someone who is worried about dust really isn’t a candidate for open shelving…..

    1. Yes I think your right. I don’t mind rinsing before using dishes but it is one extra step

  7. Rhonda,
    Your open shelves are so stunning, I want to keep staring at your beautiful displays of kitchen decor! Great post and great info!

    1. Thanks so much Janine, it means a lot!

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