20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

I am telling you, these are some amazing cakes. All the best cakes in one spot, how great is that?!! These are the 20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You'll Want to See 3 seperate white frosted cakes with white flowers all on gold platters

Of course I included the royal cake. This is almost too gorgeous to eat! Violet cakes made this and I think I will be needing a cake soon from her!

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

white lace 5 tier cake with yellow and pink flowers wrapping around it

Talk about elegant. The lace with the flowers is so gorgeous! Ron Ben has many gorgeous cakes to offer, I need more weddings in my life!

2 tier square cake with white frosring and polka dots on it

If you love the simple look, this is perfect for you! I just love this polka dot cake by Metro Bakery. What is great about this is you can add the floral that is specific to your wedding.

2 tier white cake with gold frosting dripping down it and white roses and greenery on it

Okay, now this is stunning!! Talk about yum. Midnight Sun Cakery made this delicious looking cake. If gold is in your colors, I definitely recommend this cake. Go take a look at Ty and Claire’s Wedding cake, it is very simple but scattered with some beautiful greenery.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

2 tier naked cake with roses and succulents

What a lovely cake. Sweet Bones did a wonderful job on creating a beautiful cake. Doesn’t it look delicious?!

2 tier naked cake with dripping caramel and rases and greenery

Just add some dripping caramel and I am good to go! Fox Tail Bake shop is right here in the PNW. I will have to go check it out. But in the mean time I will just stare in aw at this cake.

4 tier purple marble cake with one white flower

Simple but yet so eye catching. I love this marble cake by Sugared Saffron. These treats are too amazing to eat!

5 tier cake with green and white flowers

A White Cake created this master piece. The simplicity is amazing, but with the floral wrapped around just makes this cake the center of attention.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

3 tier white frosted cake with pink flowers on it

You’ve come to the right place if you want to find beautiful cakes. Lael Cakes created this and I think I want this cake for every occasion! It is to die for! If you want to make this all on your own, I have a yummy recipe here. I have used this recipe for many special occasions, including weddings!

pink geode cake with gold

The geode trend is something that can stay! Carries Cakes created this master piece, I would just want to save it forever.

4 tier cake with white flower detailing

This is jaw dropping, Victoria Made creates art pieces that are really cakes! There is no need of color with all the floral detailing.

4 tier textured white cake with pink and green flowers

If you want to add a little spunk to your wedding cake, go for a hexagon shape. De la Creme Studios made this gorgeous cake! The textures on this cake will make your guests want a closer look.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

white cake with white fringe

Want a more modern look? Add some fringe to your cake. So elegant, but chic. Be sure to check out the cake stands in my Etsy shop here.

4 tier white cake with lace frosting details

A lovely traditional cake is always a great way to go. Wendy Kromer does beautiful work on this lace and floral cake.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

4 tier brown cake with white lace

This cake is so elegant and timeless. Bonnie Brunt Cakes created this flawless wedding cake.

3 tier white cake with pearls and pink and white foundant flowers

How much do you love weddings? Take a look at this stunning cake. The pearls really make the cake pop.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

3 tier blush pink cake with white peonies on tip

This blush wedding cake by Crave is something to stare at! So pretty and looks so tasty!

white cake with blue paint work of flowers

The blue and white detailed cake really stands out. The gold gives it a lovely pop.

3 separate cakes with deep red flowers all on them

Don’t you think that having separate cakes is so cute? This is all in right now and we are loving it. These white cakes with flowers on it, are something special.

3 tier white cake with white hydrangea flowers

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You’ll Want to See

A lovely hydrangea flower wedding cake is always a classic. It will go with any wedding and still stun everyone. But we can’t forget about the cake stands, so shop the affiliate links below. I would love to know what kind of cake you had at your wedding. I hope I gave you some inspiration to find a perfect wedding cake.

Happy Happy Nesters paper flowers in a clear vase

Check out my friend Janine, she has a lovely paper flower tutorial perfect for wedding decor. Along with many other causal wedding looks, that are gorgeous.

20 Most Beautiful Wedding Cakes You'll Want to See with wood table outside with gold chairs and one big pink chair with tall clear vases with white flowers

Do you want to host a stunning bridal shower? Pop on over to my friend Ashley at Modern Glam and check out this fun shower she hosted. She has all the tips and tricks you’ll need!

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  1. These wedding cakes are truly works of art. The diverse designs showcased here are captivating and offer a wealth of inspiration for couples planning their special day. A beautiful collection that reflects the creativity and craftsmanship in wedding cake design.

  2. Lynnette Homola Avatar
    Lynnette Homola

    Yah!! Those are amazing cakes! Love them all and I’m sure they all taste amazing too!! Makes me want to celebrate something!

    1. I’m sure we can find something to celebrate!!

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  6. that reminds me of the time My Mom was coming for a visit and I was so excited that I baked 18 cakes before she arrived (I froze them) for a 2 week visit. Needless to say, she was diagnosed with Low Blood Sugar a week before she came, so most of those cakes stayed in the freezer during her stay, but boy, did I get into them after she left! It was shortly after she left that I found out I was pregnant with you, Rhonda…That was the sweetest gift of all!
    Love, Mom

  7. Well thank you Rhonda, now I need to bake like 10 cakes and eat them all ????

    1. I need to do the same Kim! They all look so yummy

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