20 Christmas Bedrooms to Inspire

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

Christmas is such a great time of year! My bedroom needed a little update for the holidays. So I’d love to present my Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour. Decorating a space can take a couple tries moving things around, but it always works out and looks festive in the end.

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

You don’t have to go all out for decorations and spend loads of money. Just adding a seasonal throw pillow or a blanket can do the trick. I added a bit more with a deer in the wreath. Adding faux fur decor will always make it feel like Christmas.

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

I did this chalk art all on my own, I’m pretty proud of myself. Anyone can do this, even if you have to erase it a billion times! I recently took a class that taught me some special tricks. Later on I will share with you guys some of those tricks here on the blog. Check out my Instagram stories, for some behind the scene looks. Also farmhouse signs are in right now so go check out the best 20 here!

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

Having a fire place in your room probably isn’t the best idea..you just want to stay in bed ALL day long! But these linens are oh so soft, come take a look at them. Who doesn’t love getting cozy in bed with a nice warm cup of coffee?! Check out our Salted Caramel Pumpkin Spice Latte perfect for the cold weather.

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

If one of the rooms has too much Christmas decor, I will just take out a couple pieces and add it to another room. And of course I added some greenery to the space. I just have so much fun shopping for new Christmas decor, somebody needs to stop me! I have farmhouse Christmas decor in my Etsy shop.

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

What a joyful and cozy time of year! Happy Holidays to you all!

Cozy Christmas Farmhouse Bedroom Tour

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  2. Dawn Gluck Avatar
    Dawn Gluck

    Checking out blogs because I feel it’s meant for me to contribute my creativity and humor to the world so I’ve been checking out many on Instagram…. I have to tell you… you could be my favorite! Love your candid sense of humor and of course your flair for decor! You’ve inspired me to get moving and start a blog of my own. Keep creating! Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Dawn. That truly means a lot to me! Decorating has always been fun.


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  6. Looks like you had fun decorating! Yep, you are right…just looking at your bedroom décor makes you want to just snuggle in with a hot cup of coffee. The reds sure made the room pop with the gray wallpaper.

    1. Now we are redecorating with pink. It should be fun

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