13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat

13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat

Hi everyone, if you’re coming from Judy @ Life is Better at Home, a warm welcome! I am so glad you all could join in on this wonderful blog hop. Valentines Day is just around the corner, so I thought I’d give you 13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat. You know what’s even better, these tips can be used all year round! If you scroll to the bottom of this post I will have a list of all my friends who has joined us today.

blue wall paper with ornate mirror on left of bed night stand with lamp shade and bouquet of pink flowers and a pink foot stool with white fur blanket. pink and white pillows on bed with white bedding and pink knit blanket on bed with gold hearts

  1. For a cozy look, dress your bed in a cable knit blanket. I have link here for this pink one with hearts. I thought how sweet for a cozy bedroom retreat.
  2. Quality comforters are key, a nice down comforter will last a long time but not everyone can handle them and in that case I use down alternative on my kids beds.

bed with 4 white linen pillows and 2 pink linen pillows. accent pillow is pink and says life is lovely behind bed is wreath with pink and green flowers and gold deer head in middle3. Use a Duvet cover on your comforter without the top sheet. This is what we do in my house for an easy yet cozy feeling. Plus it’s one less thing to wash when I already wash my duvet once a week.

4. Throw down a cozy Faux fur rug, so your feet feel that softness when you first get up. This is one of my personal favorites for making a cozy bedroom retreat.

bedroom bed post in middle of picture with mirror in the background to the left with an ornate table lamp on night stand with vase of pink flowers and pink foot stool with white fur blanket. on right of bed post is bed with 4 pillows and pink throw blanket.

13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat

5. Fur throws add glam to your everyday room decor. You will find these scattered throughout my home, they are so cozy!

6. Plush Ottomans add that extra layer and work well for stacking cloths or pillows on. Seriously, That’s exactly what I do with mine.

7. Always add pillows!! You’ll never go wrong when making a bedroom look warm and cozy with many of the. Just don’t ask hubbies. Sometimes they don’t get it. Mine doesn’t care as long as he always has his favorite one.

bedroom with blue wall paper and window with gold deer head behind bed. bed with 4 white linen pillows and 2 pink linen pillows and one accent pink pillow that says life is lovely

8. If you’re the crafty type, you can turn some of your favorite placemats into pillows! I have done this with some of my pillows and it is SO simple.

9. Add a mirror for some glamorous beauty. I have some custom and vintage mirrors in my shop here.

10. Flowers help to make the space feel more romantic and cozy.

13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat

13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat master bedroom with blue wallpaper and ornate mirror on left of bed above night stnad with ornate lamp and pink bouquet, pink foot stool with with fur blanket and white and pink bedding

11. Invest in a quality table lamp. They will last and look good for years to come. I have a few options in my Etsy shop here.

12. To make your bedroom feel cozy and inviting, get a beautiful bed frame. Even a tufted headboard, those really give some Hollywood glam! I personally chalk painted my four poster bed. You can read my chalk paint tutorial here.  

blue wallpaper and wreath hanging infront of covered window. wreath with pink and green flowers and gold deer head in the middle

13. Upgrade to linen. I have had linen in my home now for quite sometime and I’ll never be switching back! I have so many linen options in my shop, the best part is that they get softer with every wash.

Next up on this amazing hop is Martha at Simply Cozy Charm! Check out her wonderful page and get some great inspiration for your home!!

Be sure to check out the rest of my friends below that are sharing in this blog hop. Thx so much I am so happy you stopped by.

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31 responses to “13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat”

  1. […] 13 Tips for Making a Cozy Bedroom Retreat […]

  2. Rhonda, this is gorgeous! I absolutely love that wreath and I love the pink against that blue wallpaper! This is so romantic and cozy… It’s perfect!

    1. Thanks Summer! The blue wallpaper is one of my favorite parts in this room!

  3. Love all the pink touches Rhonda! Especially that adorable pillow:)


    1. Thx Sheila! It’s one of my fave pillows.

  4. Rhonda, I just love this bedroom and all the touches of Valentine’s that you added! Well done!

    1. Ashley thank you!! I love when Valentines comes around

  5. Rhonda,

    So elegant and beautiful! Your beds and your bedrooms are always so romantic and inviting. I love the pattern feature wall….and the color combo of blue and pink is gorgeous my friend! Wow!

    xoxo Jodie & Julie

    1. Thx so much Jodie and Julie, it means a lot!

  6. So many great tips Rhonda! Love your beautiful bedroom, especially your linen shams.

    1. Thank You Judy!! what a fun blog hop

  7. Hi Rhonda,

    I always love your bedroom and all your updates. You are a master of changing your look with every detail. I absolutely LOVE your bed linens, and I always think of you when I use your gorgeous pillowcases. They are so comfy and inviting, and I so want to just snuggle up to them! Great post and thanks for joining us, you add so much to our blog hop!

    1. Janine, Thank you so much for the sweet compliment!! It was a real joy to join you all in this hop

  8. Rhonda you’ve created a cozy, romantic retreat, I love it! Your linens are so gorgeous! I love the addition of the floral wreath.

    1. Thx Joan, I ended up adding the wreath at a whim and love how springy it feels

  9. Julie Finnerty Avatar
    Julie Finnerty

    Loved seeing all the soft pretty touches you added ???? Thanks for all your great ideas!!!

    1. Thank you for dropping by and the kind comment

  10. Rhonda! It’s always a treat seeing all your creativity pulled together. You can layer on the textures and warmth like no one else. Someday I will have to see it all in person. Love you! Great job.

    1. Amie we will have to meet up again soon!! You have mad talent!!

  11. This room truly feels so warm and cozy! Beautiful!

    1. Thank You Gloribell!! going to bed is such a thankful feeling

  12. You just have the most romantic bedroom!! GOALS!

    1. Thx Martha I have embraced pink and love how pretty it looks

  13. What a beautiful bedroom! I love the spring touches!

    1. Thank You Jackie!! I am so ready for spring

  14. Great idea’s, love the touch of pink. I usually have white, black and gray in my bedroom so.I will try a little touch of pink in my room. Love your blog.

    1. Thx Bridget. Your room sounds so pretty. I was surprised with how easy it was to add pink and it looks nice. I think your room will be lovely

  15. Kim Bird Avatar
    Kim Bird

    Lovely post ????

    1. Thank You Kim!! have a wonderful day

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