12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors

12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors

Here are 12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors. Over the years I have learnt many different ways to painting frames and mirrors. Each way creates a beautiful piece to bring into your home. I would love to know which one is your favorite! To begin your process with painting a mirror, you want to remove the mirror. Don’t cheat and just tape. You will get paint in between the mirror and frame and it won’t look good in the end. To check out some of my fave paint products click here.

white mirror sitting on cream table in reflection is chairs and table with pink flower

  1. Painting the frame solid with chalk paint or spray paint. My favorite white paint is Fluff by Dixie Belle! *Click on the images to shop the mirrors*


12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors wjhite distressed mirror on easel

2. Distress your frame by using Vaseline. All you do is, in the areas you want distressing put big globs of Vaseline there. Once your paint is dry you can rub the areas with a paper towel where the Vaseline is. Read more about Vaseline distressing here.

Pink and cream mirror with white candle holders by it and thick knit gray blanket

3. Age your frame with a dark wax over chalk paint. Simply just paint your mirror any color. Then you get your dark wax, wipe a rag in it then rub it on your frame. If you get darker spots then just keep rubbing to even it out! Click here to read more about this technique.






copper mirror against white wall reflection of rocking chair

12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors

4. Antique with a spray paint and then put stain over top. I think a copper spray paint looks great with this technique! So, just spray paint your frame and once it is dry then with a wiping stain, wipe on your stain.

white and gray mirror

5. Two tone painting, this is one of my favorites. For this technique I paint the detailed areas. With my next color I gently paint over the details and also get in the flat surfaces.

gold frame with chicken wire inside

6. Definitely buy the kit when doing this, it will make life so much easier. Lightly apply the tacky glue and let it dry for about 2 minutes. Then apply the foil by laying it in place. Use the bristle brush to rub on top of the foil, this makes it stick to the glue. Keep in mind you don’t want to get too much tacky glue in the details. You can continue to layer u

orange and gold overlay mirror on easel with table and chairs in reflection

12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors

7. Applying a silver or gold overlay. I pick my base color and apply it. Let it dry completely. With a foam brush I gently glide it across the detailed areas.

aqua blue and cream mrror with a pearl glaze against a white wall on easel

8. Applying a pearl glaze. This gives the mirror such a soft look. It adds a little sparkle! You just apply it like paint!!

blue white and gold mirror leaning against antique white door

9. Salt washing technique. Just simply add the salt mixture into your paint! You will end up with a beautiful textured mirror. Read more about my salt washing experience here.

blue and silver mirror on easel

10. Metallic wax is so gorgeous and adds a lovely shine. Just rub it one with a handy chippy brush!

gold and patina mirror

11. Antiquing patina finish. This also has to be another one of my faves! Check out the kit below, it works great.

black and white mirror hanging on wall

12. Dry brush technique. Make sure you have a surface you’ll be able to dab the excess paint off your brush. So dip your brush in the paint and dab most of it off onto cardboard. you want your brush very dry. When you go to apply it, it will come on like the picture above. Go watch my YouTube to see some video tutorials.

12 Techniques to Painting Antique Mirrors
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  1. WOW, you make it look so easy , and they all are beautiful! You sure have a creative spirit…which I love about you!

  2. Thank you for posting your painting techniques. I always want to try something new and it helps to gets someone else’s advise. I love your painting style!

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